Barnett Child Therapy

Barnett Child Therapy takes a child-centered approach towards children, and believes that when we take children and their emotions seriously, we provide them with the opportunity to be themselves, and to learn about themselves and their relationship to the world.

Taking children seriously means being open to children's experiences and feelings, and honoring their perspective, even when we disagree or have to set limits.

Below are links where you can find additional resources regarding children, as well as therapy services for children in the Asheville area.

Play Time Podcast

Play Time is a podcast for play therapists, child therapists, and parents which addresses issues related to children, child therapy, and play therapy.

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Therapy Services

Andrew provides therapeutic services for children using play therapy, and also sees teenagers and adults using a blend of expressive and talk based modalities.

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Child-Centered Children's Books

There are currently three titles available in the child-centered book series, focused on witnessing children in their difficult experiences.

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