'I Have a Secret'

'I Have a Secret' is the story of a child holding inside something that happened to them at the hands of an adult which they feel they can not share with others. The book aims to connect with children who are holding secrets in order to help them feel less alone with their secret pain, and allow them the emotional freedom to share that pain if they choose to do so.

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'I Get Mad'

This book focuses on witnessing and respecting children in their anger, and includes a guide for parents to assist in the process of validating their child's emotions to foster deeper connections and an increased ability on the part of their child to move through their emotional experience.

'On Sharing'

This book is about children and sharing, and names the difficulties for children in sharing their possessions and aims at fostering a home environment of mutual respect for children and adults in regards to possessions in the home, and the relationship of children to their own things.

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